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who is kasey?

i’ve always been

creating, since i was

able to pick up a

pencil, there was

been a burning

passion for creativity

& to just make

stuff. turns out,

that enthusiasm

from a young age

wasn’t a phase…

in between my

creative endeavors

i adore being around

dogs & spoiling them

with all the love

they deserve!

my art spans from topics of political & social issues such as environmentalism, feminism, capitalism & a range of

other -isms that

are spiraling in

our world on a constant basis…

but when i take a

break from creating

about the heavier

& controversial topics,

i create some portraits

of pets!

i’ve also created

a fair share of

murals & working with big spaces

has always been

a go-to for me!

being bold, creating colorfully

& sharing my ideas in a visual way with the world is the best form of communication for me.

i would love to bring my artistic passion & skills to whatever project you have in mind, feel free to reach out to me with

any of your creative needs!